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The first step in the grooming process is for the groomer to assess the dog and then ask the owner about the preferred style and other grooming requirements. Based on the condition of the dog’s coat, the groomer will then be able to confirm that the grooming requirements specified by the owner can be done at this visit.

If the dog has mats, for example, it may not be possible to do what the owner requires and the groomer will explain why and what can be done during this visit and the maintenance required by the owner after the groom to get the desired groom next time.


The basic full groom includes:

A hydrobath with two types of good quality shampoos. The second shampoo is a special gentle shampoo used when washing the face to ensure the dog does not suffer any eye discomfort.

The second step is a turbo-dry to ensure the coat is thoroughly dried and fluffy. A clean, dry and fluffy coat will ensure the groom can be done easily and without any stress for the dog and the groomer.

The groom is done on the body and the legs, the hygiene trim is done, the paw pad trim is done, the tail trim is done and the face is groomed. The final step is to cut the dog’s nails.


The hydrobath, turbo dry, specific breed style groom, hygiene, paw pad maintenance, face groom and nail clip are all included in this groom.


The teddy bear groom keeps the body hair and the legs longer and fluffier than the basic full groom. This is the recommended groom for dogs over the cooler months of the year, but may not be the recommended groom over the hot summer months.
Apart from the difference in hair length, this type of groom has all the steps detailed in the basic full groom.


In certain breeds it may be more appropriate to do this type of groom and will be recommended by the groomers.

The dog’s undercoat will be stripped with a special tool to remove as much of the undercoat as possible. Removing the undercoat will keep the dog cool and ensure a healthy skin.

This is followed by a soothing gentle shampoo, the turbo dry, the face maintenance if required, the hygiene trim, the paw pad trim, trimming the legs and underbelly if appropriate and then the nail clip.


The groomer may recommend this groom as an in-between groom to enable the groomer to help the owners to maintain the coat of the dog.

This type of groom consists of a hydrobath, turbo dry, brushing the dog really well, face maintenance, hygiene and paw pad trim, tail trim and clipping of the nails.

The body and the legs are not clipped or shaved in this type of groom.


We recommend dogs to be washed regularly between grooms to ensure a clean and healthy dog.

We offer a number of different baths to cater for all needs.

Standard Bath:
The same as the bath used when grooming a dog.

Conditioning Bath:
This is a standard bath followed by a special coat conditioner being massaged all over the dog’s coat.

Medicated Bath:
Special medicated shampoo bath for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

Flea Bath:
Special flea shampoo bath for dogs with fleas. Owners must wash all the dog’s bedding after this bath.

Optional Turbo dry:
Optional turbo drying available. Cost based on time taken to dry the dog.


Nail clips only performed on dogs with no biting tendencies.