148 Waterworks road Ashgrove





A Gentle Clip in Ashgrove has been looking after our clients’ furry friends for the last 11 years.

A Gentle Clip believes that the dog is our primary concern. Everything will be done to ensure the outcome is, in our opinion, the best possible for the dog’s comfort and health.

We do not use muzzles, restraints or drying cages to minimise any stress your dog may experience during the groom. Our aim is to ensure a pleasant experience for your dog and this should result in your dog not having any fear of coming to the salon and the groomers again.

We use a vacuum clipper system to ensure that the blades are kept cool during the groom. This ensures that the dog’s skin does not suffer from any burns and results in a more hygienic groom.

We provide all the necessary grooming, bathing and nail clipping services to ensure your dog has a healthy coat and goes out looking very clean and well groomed and leaves the salon happy after a last cuddle from the groomers.

We provide grooming services by appointment to dogs on the Northside of Brisbane. The majority of our clients come from Ashgrove, Bardon, Newmarket, Paddington, Red Hill and The Gap.

We look forward to looking after your very special furry friend.