Our Hydro Bathing Service



Deluxe Hydrobath $30

Fresh warm water wash with a flea and tick rinse, followed by a specialized Shampoo Warm water rinse out. Royal Coat conditioning Ear inspection and cleaned Stunning fragrance.




Conditioning Hydrobath $25

Fresh warm water wash with specialized shampoo, Warm water rinse then a royal coat conditioning. Stunning fragrance.

Medicated Hydrobath $25

This bath promotes healing from itchy dry scaly and irritated skin also clears up fungicidal and bacterial infections, great for Queensland itch or hot spots. Fresh warm water using Vet Recommended shampoo (supplied by owner), Ears inspected and cleaned, Stunning fragrance if suitable for the client.


Standard Hydrobath $20

This fresh warm water hydrobath using either a flea rinse or specialized shampoo followed by a fresh warm water rinse, Stunning fragrance.

Optional Turbo Drying from $10.00
Is available,this high-velocity drier lifts up the coat removing 80% of the water on your dog and assists in removing dead undercoat aiding in eliminating odors. This also stimulated the coat promoting a healthy and natural bounce in the hair.