Care for coats

Mats why you ask!

We realize that some puppies are quite naughty, nibbling at your fingers when you are trying to comb them, they are only like that since we spoil them. We need to treat those little dogs as if they where a big dog like a German Shepherd. All dogs need obedience training you will enjoy them thus the more, the older a dog gets with out training the harder they can become to groom, don't think that professional groomers have a magic trick (only some have that). The final result will be an expensive regular trip to the vet for a sedation and a bold dog, not a healthy option for your dog. But lets get back to the knots, knots can form from when your dog is chewing since it has fleas or from the rubbing of collars and jackets or just the abundance of undercoat hair (you with these dogs know what we mean), but is ussualy a result from not combing. Yes combing use a steel tooth comb or undercoat T rake (do not use brushes) long coats need regular combing, the more the better, if this is not your cup of tea then do not let the hair grow long not even through winter. If you wash your dog at home stay away from those towels if you have long hair, by long we mean over 2cm, towel rubbing will create knots. A unseen knot during a bath will grow so comb you coat before making it wet and adding shampoo, shampoo generaly cleans with the stripping of oils removing dirt which can dry out the coat which inturn will make a knot bigger and bigger creating a mat. After a wash with shampoo then use a conditioner and comb it through the coat eliminating the onset of knots. Drying the coat should be done using a cool hairdrier (never use hot) and gentle combing you coat while using the drier. If all this sounds like to much hassle remember grooming salons love this stuff.

The mat coming of in one piece showing the irritated skin, to a short puppy needing a jacket for the cold

Just repeating the few simple steps to overcome this from happening Check if puppy is always scratching, this can create knots. Do not leave their jackets on long term, take off and comb regularily. Do not wash your dog if they have knots, knots grow, comb them first then wash. Always a good rinse after using shampoo the longer the better removing all residue. Comb a conditioner though the coat after washing to bring the oils back in. Use a cool hairdrier while combing not a towel (rubbing makes knots).

The most important thing is combing. Remember Grooming Salons Love This Stuff The most important thing to remember about all we have mentioned above is that dogs have become a part of the family and quality time needs to be spend with them, this allows you to keep an eye on general health and coat conditions. If you are ever not sure about what you need to do your local Groomer will always assist and give you any information you may need.