Our Company is your dogs first Choice

This information is for those owners who just want the best for their dog. Because not all dogs are created equal, we provide a modern style of dog grooming for all dog breeds.
Our established worldwide accredited business is devoted to our company name A Gentle Clip Ultimate Dog Grooming. With  patience and gentle care we have created the ultimate experience for your family  dog without the use of drugs or drying cages. Qualified Companion Dog Groomers and Certified Dog Stylists offer an air-conditioned session using  state of the art equipment. Our styling grooming stations are fit out with the ducted clipper vacuum system. This means cool clipper blades through airflow, eliminating clipper burns and skin irritations.
A grooming session usually takes one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the requirements and coat condition. Other time factors are based on what style or technique is used, whether it be clipping, scissoring, plucking or stripping. Sessions are individual with minimal other dogs present allowing full devotion to your pet. You are most welcome to stay while your dog is being pampered, come join us and see the magic.
Founded with co-owner dog whisperer Ingrid Veenboer with years of European grooming experience prior to starting in Queensland from our home studio in 1998 with barely two basic scissors a sturdy second-hand table and a new clipper.
These dog grooming stores have set the benchmark that shall be recreated and enhanced by us and other groomers joining this ever-growing exciting industry. Our innovative approach brings us clients through our name the recognizable pink uniforms, multiple cars with pink paw prints, the store layout, our unique open design with vibrant white walls using colourful pink clouds to create a fresh inviting clean new look,
imprinting that long lasting unforgettable image!

All dogs deserve A Gentle Clip Ultimate Dog Grooming 100% Passion and Pamper